Cottage 4

The newest cottage developed in the Redwood Village, is the Busy Squirrel Boutique, Cottage 4.
This 1920s log cottage will be filled with fun and beautiful gift items for that special someone.
The Busy Squirrel Boutique added 2 hairstyling spaces to create an opportunity for a hairstylist to rent in a very unique environment. This gives that sole proprietor an opportunity to run their own business with full freedom and schedule their own clients.

Individual business owners are listed below. To schedule an appointment, you must contact them directly. Each individual business owner creates their own price list


Cottage 4 Service Professionals

Teri Mackay


Jerusha Adams
Hair Stylist
Davines Professional


Kristie Bracett
Hair Stylist


Photo of Patty Diaz

Patty Diaz
Hair Stylist


Sharon Jensen
Hair Design